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About Lustans Devon Rex

Lustans Devon Rex cattery consists of me, Pernilla Ohlson, my wonderful devons and also, not to be forgotten, my significant other, Johannes. We live in Sweden in the city of Gothenburg byt the west coast. I have been breeding and showing Devon Rex since 1995 and I never get tired of this lovely breed. I have been active in the Nordic Rex Cat Association (Nordiska Rexringen) for many years, mainly as breed council.  
Pernilla Ohlson
Blasutgatan 9d
S-414 56 Gothenburg
T. +46 - 31 - 14 34 41


As breeders we have a huge responsability towards the devons we own and raise but also to the breed as a whole. Most important for us is to breed healthy cats that are raised in a good environment so as to give them the best start in life as possible. Our cats and kittens live close to us and are a part of our everyday life.  They are beloved family members and our kittens grow up to be like real devons should be - happy, playful, outgoing, cuddly and curious.

Health and temperament is vital but we also aim to breed cats with the Devon Rex appearance that we so fell in love with. We adore the huge batlike ears, the expressive eyes and the soft curly coat. We favour the american devons and try to breed according to the CFA-standard and we register with CFA. Color is of no importance to us and is no selection criteria, we aim for type and coat.

We hope you enjoy your visit here with us and would love to hear from you, we always enjoy to talk about Devon Rex!  

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