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Buying a kitten from Lustans

Shipping policies
I rarely sell breeding cats and only to people that I feel that I know and trust. If you think you might be interested in a breeding cat I would like to correspond and get to know you first. I prefer to work with established breeders that I am familiar with or people with recommendations from such breeders. I do not export pet kittens.

I do not generally ship kittens outside the Scandinavian countries but will consider it if the shipping conditions are reasonable for the kitten when it comes to travelling time,

arrangements around the trip and weather conditions. The kitten will be at least 16 weeks old before he/she leaves home and might stay even longer if I feel he/she might not be up for a long trip just yet. I prefer if the kitten is picked up personally alternatively delivered by me. Not only is it an easier and safer trip for the kitten if accompanied by someone, it is also often more inexpensive than ordinary freight.

Sweden is rabies free which generally makes it an easy country to import from. I ask that you look into the import policies of you country to make sure that all necessary vaccinations and papers and treatments can be arranged before the kitten leaves.

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