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Nanna has had her first litter with three lovely kittens, one boy and two girls. They live with my sister and are raised, not only by their mother, but also by two dachshunds and the grandfather Rikki.

Rikki has adored his grandchildren since the day they were born and he loves to cuddle up with them to take a nap. They are so sweet together.
cosy   cosy
Above is Pyret (in the bottom of the picture), his sister Lea and grandfather Rikki.
Smulan investigates the world and finds the camera so boring she almost always refuses to even look into it.
Smulis   Smulis
Pyret   Pyret
Pyret is a charming boy that almost constantly purrs. Below you can see him competing with granddad over who can eat most.
time to eat
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The Dachshund Jack watches over the little ones. Here he is checking up on the boy to make sure everything is allright.


Smulan is like a jigsawpuzzle with black, red and white pices. A nice a cuddly girl with an easygoing temperament.
This is Pyret (on the left) with his sister Lea.
- What sharp teeth you have!!

This is not Little Red Riding Hood and the wicked wolf although you might think so:-) The wolf is just a young dachshundlady called Topsy and she is only yawning. Topsy loves the kitten and wished she could have them as her own. Lea is a confident kitten and likes playing with Topsy.
pyret pyret
Pyret is a charming boy with a wonderful coat.
Here is the whole litter cuddling together with mother Nanna.

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