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Lustans Devon Rex


The "K"-litter


Dot K-litter
Born at June 6th, 2006
Sire: Kirleekat's Rikki Tikki Tab-Ee
Dam: Lustans Heavenly Action

Lustans Kublai Khan - red boy
Lustans Konnichiwa - b&w boy
Lustans Kimono- blue tortie / white girl
Lustans Kabuki - tortie tabby girl

This litter is the first from our girl "Minna" and it is a very beautiful as well as colourful litter.

We have two gorgeuos girls - a blue tortie/white and a tortie tabby. There are also two boys, one is black/white and the other comes with a deep red colour. All of them seems to grow very good coats.

About their names. We’ve always felt a bit fascinated by the east and some of our favorite books and films takes place in China and Japan. This influence has inspired us to the names of our K-litter. Right now we are also planning to Feng Shui our bedroom, for both us and the cats.

The Empire of the Sun »
The Last Emperor »
The Last Samurai »
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon »

Lian Hearn, Tales of the Otori »
Robert Shea, Shike »
Pearl S. Buck, Imperial Woman »

Lustans Kimono - "Skrutt"

This lovely bluetortie/white girl sure looks like she’s dressed in luxurious silk. She has a beautiful coat and looks promising in many ways. She will stay in the cattery.

Skrutt   Skrutt

Lustans Konnichiwa - "Kalle"

Konnichiwa means hello and welcome and this darling black and white male sure personify the meaning of this phrase. He is outgoing and with a true devon temperament investigates the world and enjoys company.

Kalle   Kalle

Lustans Kublai Khan - "Hobbe"

Kublai Khan was very influencial in China and under his reign his subject and country thrived. As a military leader he was very successful and the mongolian empire reached its greates extent under him. Our own Kublai is not up to any military conquest but he does have an impressive personality. He is the largest in the litter and likes to take control if he can. Kublai did have a harem and maybe this is something for this boy in the future. He does have many nice qualities.

Hobbe   Hobbe

Lustans Kabuki - "Lisa"

Kabuki is a form of japanese theater that was traditionally performed by merchant for ordinary people. The actors wear colorful masks or make-up and extravagant costumes. Our little Kabuki is a really beautiful girl with an amazing coat that almost hides her qualities a bit, just like an actor is hidden behind a mask. She has many good features and will stay in the cattery.



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