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Lustans Devon Rex


Our cats

Poppis   Poppis is an elegant lady with a playful temperament. Her favorite game is to play fetch with a small black furball and to be rewarded with lots of cuddling. Despite her kittenlike ways she is an excellent mother and takes very good care of her kittens.
Minna is Poppis’ daughter and she has inherited her mothers elegance and her red, white and blackmarbled coat is lovely to pet. Minna is a really talkative and cuddly cat and she is always in the mood to play.   Minna


  Pyssla is our third generation tortie and a delightful girl. We liked both her temperament and type and there was never any doubt that she would stay in the cattery. Pyssla is the fastest devon rex we have ever met, and that says alot! She runs around in lightspeed but when she gets tired our laps is the favorite spot to be.
Nanna is Pysslas sister. She has a wonderful coat and simply loves every bit of attention she can get. Nanna is still her fathers girl and loves to be with him - and of course to boss him around if she can. However she has grown up fast and recently became mother for the first time.  


Smulan   Smulan is Nannas daughter and she is a really easygoing devon that seems to fall in love with everyone she meets at first sight. We also fell in love with her at the first sight so she is staying with us and we hope she will have some beautiful kittens in the future.
Lea is Smulans sister and is just as sweet but a little more full of mischief. She loves to climb and if you are looking for her she is usually found if you look up. If there is a chance to get high above the ground, Lea is most likely there.   Lea

Rikki is a real charmer with a slightly clownish nature. We think he is the cuddliest and nicest cat in the world. He loves to be petted on his belly and throws himself on his back at the slightest chance of cuddling. We thank Erika Paylor, Arkansas, USA for letting us have this very special guy in our lives and for being such a wonderful friend.

Rikki is now retired from breeding and lives with his daughter Nanna at my sisters home so we do get to meet him alot.

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